Bringing Associations Together To Boost Performance


Results for Branding

New look for ageing body


Staying relevant in a declining economy and changing demographic has pushed Active Ageing Australia (AAA) to pursue smarter marketing. AAA, a not-for-profit based in Adelaide, plays a leading role in providing programs, training, resources and services to a vast network of people, members and organisations focused on promoting the benefits of and providing opportunities for physical activity. In 2012, they introduced a new logo, strap line, website and initiation into the social…

Magazine Publishers of Australia relaunches


The Magazine Publishers of Australia (MPA) has relaunched with a new website, look and advertising campaign after three years of inactivity. The relaunch came after industry heavyweights Bauer Media, Pacific Magazines and NewsLifeMedia all confirmed their support for strengthening the magazine industry at an event in Sydney in September 2012. MPA also appointed Ms Robin Parkes, the former CEO of Freeview, as its new executive director. Parkes…

Branding for NFPs


What creates a strong brand? If we asked a random group of consumers their unprompted recall of not-for-profit organisations most would nominate the usual big charities such as the ‘Salvos’, Red Cross and the Heart Foundation. Others might recall a professional or industry association connected with their work and others a charity that relates to a personal interest. Does your brand have personality? While some think this should all be left to the commercial organisations, others…
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