Bringing Associations Together To Boost Performance


Mergers and Federation Restructures

In various professions, industries and sectors, federations of separately incorporated associations consider merging into a single entity. The question of association structure is a landmark issue that can have major benefits if done well and correctly.

Associations Forum can assist by:

  • Initiating discussions among associations Boards and CEOs on the possible merits of single entities
  • Workshopping the shape of the future structure to develop a proposed model
  • Developing a discussion paper that states the advantages and possible disadvantages of change
  • Leading the technical and regulatory process of change

Consultants at Associations Forum have been advising associations on federations and single entities since 1999. We welcome the opportunity to lead association restructure projects and to share tips on achieving success.

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Please contact Michael Bell on 02 9904 8200 or for further information.

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