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About Associations Forum

The mission of Associations Forum is 'bringing associations together to boost performance'. We are the leading organisation assisting associations and charities in governance, operations, membership and finances.

Established in 2004, Associations Forum is a commercial, member-based network of 500 associations, charities, clubs, societies and other not-for-profit organisations. Since our foundation, we have provided assistance to hundreds of associations and charities in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, India, South Africa and other nations.

To improve structures, attain higher performance and make the most of opportunities, we assist management and Boards of:

  • Professional Associations
  • Industry Bodies 
  • Councils
  • Foundations
  • Clubs and Guilds
  • Special Cause Groups
  • Charities

We also share knowledge and best practice within the association and charities sector through a range of educational events and services.

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Associations Forum provides information, advice and training to the management and boards of not-for-profit organisations. We have expertise in board governance training, strategic planning, national/state structures and establishing new associations.

We deliver this knowledge by:

  1. Board or Staff Presentations to Gold Member associations and services to Silver Member associations
  2. Advice from being engaged for specific consulting projects

With 15 years in the association sector and over 100 years of combined experience among our consultants, Associations Forum has established a respected name in consulting throughout Australia and Asia. Our team of experienced consultants has helped hundreds of associations and charities by developing practical tailor-made solutions.

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By joining Associations Forum, Australia’s premier network of associations, your industry, profession or special cause organisation will benefit from advice, knowledge and networking.

Just as your organisation strengthens its members and community, Associations Forum will provide you with the essential tools, resources and solutions to enhance your association.

Your organisation’s membership enables ALL your staff & Directors to access membership benefits. Membership runs for 12 months from the join date.

You can read about the 24 benefits of joining Associations Forum here >>

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If you would like to discuss becoming a member, please contact the team on (02) 9904 8200 or email

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