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Planning Days

Associations Forum is now holding virtual Planning Days!

Book now to hold a virtual Planning Day, facilitated online by one of our expert consultants. 

Holding a Planning Day will focus and re-energise your association. Planning in the context of an association or charity needs to be practical, straightforward and provide a guide for future Board meeting agendas.

Associations Forum will:

  • Develop the agenda for the Planning Day in consultation with the association
  • Prepare the necessary documents and framework prior to the Planning Day
  • On the day, respectfully drive discussions forward at an appropriate pace
  • Achieve tangible results through a live-developed document by the close of proceedings.

Attendees depart with a sense of clarity and accomplishment, knowing there is shared knowledge of a common strategic direction and next steps.

Having a current and straightforward plan is crucial for associations getting things done. Sometimes an unanticipated result is the motivation and positive vibe from Board Directors and CEOs who say
“Aha, now I know exactly where the association is going.”

10 steps for successful Planning Days

Associations Forum has extensive knowledge of the governance and operations of associations and has good facilitation skills and methods.

Through our experience, we are able to provide relevant input to discussions based upon our experiences and observations of other organisations.

2017 AusIMM Board Planning Day in Melbourne, facilitated by Denys Correll. 


Please contact Kathy Nguyen on 02 9904 8200 or for further information.

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