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Partner with Associations Forum

Associations Forum is the leading organisation in Australia facilitating the sharing of knowledge, information and experiences amongst associations and charities. This sector comprises over 600,000 organisations and contributes $43 billion to the Australian economy.

With a membership of 500 associations and charities around the country, Associations Forum supports and educates thousands of individuals on association management. Since 2004, we have delivered over 90,000 hours of education to representatives of associations, charities, clubs, institutes and their suppliers.

Due to our unique membership base we can help expand your reach into the associations sector, building greater awareness for your products or services, as well as generating new contacts and leads for your organisation.

What we can do for you

Generate Awareness: Align your organisation with Associations Forum, the thought leaders in the sector, and add credibility to your brand name. Whether you are new to the market, already a player, or expanding into it, Associations Forum is a great way to generate awareness for your company in this dynamic market.

Create New Leads: Associations Forum gives you the opportunity to reach hundreds of associations and charities across a diverse group of industry and professional bodies.

Showcase Your Destination, Venue, Product or Service: Associations Forum has a number of marketing channels to grab the attention of key decision makers in the association sector. Work with Associations Forum to demonstrate the capabilities and value of your product or service, or reasons why associations should be heading to your destination or venue.

Create Tailored Solutions: We can tailor a marketing campaign to meet your business objectives.

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