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Survey Reports

Associations Forum regularly undertakes practical surveys which are used by the associations and charities sector as standard reference points and are free to members that participate. Our surveys include Associations Salary Survey, Board Survey, Membership and Services Survey, and Association Events Survey.

For more information or to purchase a copy of any of our survey reports please call 02 9904 8200 or email


Association Membership and Services Survey 2022

Associations Forum has been conducting the Association Membership and Services Survey for 13 years to develop an understanding of the services that are offered by a broad range of associations and charities, in order to set a benchmark for the sector.

Key Findings

  • Member retention rates remained relatively strong. Professional associations saw an increase in member retention rates, a welcome change from last year’s decrease.
  • Associations continue to offer discounted membership rates to members who specifically state they cannot pay due to financial restraints brought on by COVID-19, however associations were less likely to offer a blanket free of discounted membership
  • Restrictions on face-to-face gatherings caused by COVID-19 continued to cause cancellations and postponements of association events
  • Associations have begun embracing hybrid event models with almost half of the participants allowing both face-to-face and online attendance to association events

The 12-page Association Membership and Services Survey 2022 can be purchased for $200 (NFP organisations only). 


Association Board Survey 2022

The Association Board Survey, which has been conducted annually since 2008, examines a number of questions including Board composition and association governance. We have observed some interesting trends in association governance over the years relating to Board sizes and the duration Board members are serving.

Key Findings

  • The number of female Directors on Boards continues to increase

  • Boards are adopting hybrid methods of meeting, with most Boards scheduling a combination of face-to-face and online Board meetings.

  • 59.1% of associations surveyed have reviewed their constitution within the last 2 years, indicating a positive shift towards an increased commitment to improving governance structures

  • Associations are increasingly allocating funds for directors' professional development

The 16-page Association Board Survey 2022 can be purchased for $200 (NFP organisations only). 


Association Salary Survey 2021

Association Salary Survey 2023 will be released early 2023!
Wentworth Advantage and Associations Forum are in the 13th year of producing a dedicated salary resource for professionals and Board members in the association sector. The comprehensive 90-page report highlights salary and employment trends throughout the associations sector and identifies emerging market trends and business changes. There are twelve positions examined in detail in the report.

Key Findings

  • Changes in remuneration were more modest than in previous years, regardless of whether salaries rose or fell. 
  • HR Manager positions received the largest total salary package increase. 
  • Policy Managers recorded the largest total salary package decrease.

The 90-page Associations Salary Survey 2021 can be purchased for $190 (NFP members) and $490 (NFP non-members). 


Association Events Survey 2020 - COVID-19 Special Edition

The Association Events Survey aims to explore the events that associations are running, how they are being produced, and the trends within the association events sector. As associations are considered to be the second largest sector of the events industry, this survey will be of interest to both associations and those working in the events sector. This special edition of the Associations Events Survey sheds light on the impact of COVID-19 on association events. 

Key Findings

  • Almost half of the survey respondents reported a decrease in hours worked on events
  • A majority of the survey respondents utilised Zoom to run their virtual events
  • Over half of the survey respondents reported a shift to running events online. Other respondents stated they were running hybrid events, had canceled their face-to-face events, or had made plans to resume face-to-face events once restrictions had lifted.  

The 10-page Association Events Survey Report 2020 can be purchased for $200 (NFP organisations only).


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