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Associations Forum regularly undertakes practical surveys which are used by the associations and charities sector as standard reference points and are free to members that participate. Our surveys include Associations Salary Survey, Board Survey, Membership and Services Survey, and Association Events Survey.

For more information or to purchase a copy of any of our survey reports please call 02 9904 8200 or email

Associations Salary Survey 2023

Assocations Salary Survey 2024 has been extended till Friday, 22 March. Participate and receive a complimentary copy of the survey. 

Wentworth Advantage and Associations Forum are proud to once again produce a dedicated salary resource for professionals and board members in the associations sector. Salary and remuneration data is currently more important than ever, with cost-of-living pressures bringing wages very much into focus in 2023.

Key Findings

  • The 2023 survey results indicate that, for the most part, remuneration has remained reasonably steady with a total average increase of 2.4% over the past 2 years. The average increase across positions which rose was 5.1%. Conversely, the average decrease across positions which fell was 3.2%.
  • Only two positions saw a material change in remuneration, this being the Administration/Office Manager position (14.1% increase) and the Events Manager position (10.7% increase).
  • While not overly material, it is worth noting that remuneration for the Operations Manager position dropped by 5.4%, making it the largest decrease across all positions in the 2023 Salary Survey.

The 76-page Associations Salary Survey 2023 can be purchased for $190 (Members) or $490 (Non-member NFP organisations). 

Association Membership and Services Survey 2024

The Association Membership and Services Survey explores trends in the association sector and how associations have adapted to meet the changing needs of their members. Associations Forum has been conducting the Association Membership and Services Survey for 15 years to develop an understanding of the services offered by a wide range of associations and charities and establish a benchmark for the sector. 

Key Findings

Key Findings

  • Professional and Industry Associations as well as Charities responding to our survey indicated an increase in the average number of staff employed with an average of 18.78 full-time equivalent staff, greater than last year’s 17.07.
  • Budget restraints continue to be the most common reason given as to why members do not renew their membership. The next most common reasons are lack of perceived value and retirement.                      
  • 45.0% of survey participants are now offering face-to-face conferences only, while 26.2% are offering hybrid conferences that allow attendees to participate either in-person or online.

The 25-page Association Membership and Services Survey 2024 is FREE for members or can be purchased for $200 (NFP organisations only). 

Association Events Survey 2023

The Association Events Survey examines a number of areas including event types, attendance, factors influencing the decision-making process and where events are being run. This event survey was of particular interest to us as Associations work to reintroduce events post Covid.

Key Findings

  • 50% of respondents report a return to pre-Covid levels with regard to event attendance, however, the significant growth in events in 2019 has eased
  • Covid has created a change in attendee patterns with many delegates booking much later for events than they did pre-Covid
  • Conference organisers are also booking venues much later than previously with the majority now only looking one to two years ahead
  • Cost and financial support have become key drivers in venue selection with delegate focused amenities taking a back seat in 2023
  • 59% of respondents are unaware of the services provided by Convention Bureaux, but those who are aware use multiple services.

The 25-page Association Events Survey 2023 is FREE for members or can be purchased for $200 (NFP organisations only). 

Association Board Survey 2023

The Association Board Survey, conducted annually since 2008, examines a number of questions including Board composition and association governance. We have observed some interesting trends in association governance over the years relating to Board sizes and the duration Board members are serving.

Key Findings

  • The number of female Directors on Boards continues to increase
  • The majority of Boards (63.9%) are continuing to use a combination (hybrid) of face-to-face and online methods of meeting, but this is down from 2022 (68.5%), reflecting an increase in Boards that are meeting in-person only (25.7%, up from 20.2% in 2022).
  • 62.6% of associations surveyed have reviewed their constitution within the last 2 years, up from 59.1% in 2022
  • Associations are increasingly allocating funds for directors' professional development

The 16-page Association Board Survey 2023 is FREE for members or can be purchased for $200 (NFP organisations only). 


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