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Survey Reports

Associations Forum undertakes practical surveys every year which are used by the associations and charities sector as standard reference points and are free to members that participate. Members who do not participate in our surveys can purchase the report for a discounted rate. Our surveys include Associations Salary Survey, Board Survey, Membership and Services Survey, and Association Events Survey.

For more information or to purchase a copy of any of our survey reports please call 02 9904 8200 or email

Associations Salary Survey 2020

Wentworth Advantage and Associations Forum are in the 12th year of producing a dedicated salary resource for professionals and Board members in the association sector. The comprehensive 90-page report highlights salary and employment trends throughout the associations sector and identifies emerging market trends and business changes. There are twelve positions examined in detail in the report.

Key Findings

  • There were increases in total average salary packages for all positions surveyed except CPD Managers, Senior Managers and HR Managers
  • Accounting/Financial Services was the industry with the highest CEO total salary package 
  • Policy Managers recorded the largest total salary package increase.

The 90-page Associations Salary Survey 2020 can be purchased for $190 (NFP members) and $490 (NFP non-members). 

Association Board Survey 2020

The Association Board Survey, which has been conducted annually since 2008, examines a number of questions including Board composition and association governance. We have observed some interesting trends in association governance over the years relating to Board sizes and the duration Board members are serving.

Key Findings

  • The long-term trend towards smaller Boards seems to have stabilised with the average number of directors sitting at 9.2, a slight decrease from last year’s average of 9.7.
  • The average number of online meetings increased to 4.9 (up from 1.7 in 2019).
  • With 66.8% of organisations currently reviewing or having reviewed their constitution within the last 2 years, there is an encouraging trend towards improving governance structures, which result from regular constitutional reviews.
  • There is a continuation of the trend towards improving Board performance through increased budgets for Board training, with 52.1% of organisations allocating funding for directors’ professional development.
  • 1% of the organisations (down from 20.7 % in 2019) pay directors a fee other than expenses reimbursement.

The 14-page Association Board Survey 2020 can be purchased for $50 (NFP members) and $90 (NFP non-members). 

Association Events Survey 2019

The Association Events Survey aims to explore the events that associations are running, how they are being produced, and the trends within the association events sector. As associations are considered to be the second largest sector of the events industry, this survey will be of interest to both associations and those working in the events sector.

Key Findings

  • Over two thirds of survey respondents rotate the destination of their major event
  • Just over half of survey respondents organise their events without the assistance of professional conference organisers or volunteers
  • Of the associations who would consider an international event, New Zealand was the most popular choice of destination

The 16-page Association Events Survey Report 2019 can be purchased for $50 (NFP members) and $90 (NFP non-members).

Association Membership and Services Survey 2019

The 12th Membership and Services Survey shows the different services NFPs are offering their members and how member retention rates differ between associations, charities and other NFP organisations.

Key Findings

  • Financial year renewals are the most commonly used by the sector
  • Member retention rates remain strong, with over 90% retention rates across professional associations, industry associations and charities
  • Budget restraints continue to be the most common reason given as to why members do not renew their membership.
  • Electronic newsletters remain the most common free benefit offered to members

The 12-page Association Membership and Services Survey Report 2019 can be purchased for $50 (NFP members) and $90 (NFP non-members).

Causeis - September 2020