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Survey Reports

Associations Forum undertakes practical surveys every year which are used by the associations and charities sector as standard reference points and are free to members that participate. Members who do not participate in our surveys can purchase the report for a discounted rate. Our surveys include Associations Salary Survey, Board Survey, Membership and Services Survey, and Association Events Survey. For more information or to purchase a copy of any of our survey reports please…

Register of Members

Register of Members

Article by Jonathan Casson, Partner, Holman Webb Lawyers. June 2017 Extract: Several recent events, including the current dispute at CPA Australia, have once again highlighted the importance of understanding members’ rights regarding access to the Register of Members (‘Register’). All companies, including those limited by guarantee, must maintain such a Register. Following an application, a company must…

10 steps for successful planning days

Strategic Planning

The reason associations must plan is clear: if an association doesn’t agree on what it wants to do, it will be harder to achieve desired outcomes. A documented annual plan needs to be initially developed at a face-to-face Planning Day, attended by the Board and CEO, and then actioned by the association management. 1. Commit to holding, and sell the concept of, an annual Planning Day Plans required the leaders of the association…

AGM Guide (Free for Associations Forum Members)

Associations Forum’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) Guide has been written to assist the smooth and appropriate running of an association General Meeting. The AGM Guide is available free of charge to members of Associations Forum. Please contact Kathy Nguyen to request a copy. This edition of Associations Forum’s AGM Guide has been written for public companies limited by guarantee under the Commonwealth of Australia’s Corporations Act 2001.

Board Charter (Free for Associations Forum Members)

A sample Board Charter for associations is available to members of Associations Forum. Please contact Kathy Nguyen to request a copy. The purpose of the Board Charter is to define the rights and responsibilities of the Directors of the association to assist them in fulfilling their duties and obligations. Table of contents 1 Overview 2 Role of the Board 3 Responsibilities 4 Board…

Finance, Audit & Risk Committee Terms of Reference

Sample Terms of Reference for a Finance, Audit and Risk Committee are available to members of Associations Forum. Please contact Kathy Nguyen kathy_[at] to request a copy. Contents1 Introduction1.1 Importance of the Committee1.2 Treasurer or no Treasurer2 Duties and Responsibilities2.1 Internal financial management, reporting and monitoring2.2 Internal Controls to prevent and detect fraud, errors and misstatements

Incorporating an Australian association

Incorporating an Association

Associations in Australia have expressed interest in an opinion on the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating an association as either an: Incorporated association under State or Territory associations incorporation legislation; or as a Company limited by guarantee under the Commonwealth Corporations Act 2001. The ideas expressed in this article are not a definitive piece of advice however we trust that…

Ways of incorporation for Singaporean Associations

Incorporating an Association

The increasing trend in Singapore is for associations and other not-for-profit organisations to be set up as companies limited by guarantee. An association in Singapore can be set up as a Company Limited by Guarantee (“CLG”) under the Companies Act or a society under the Societies Act. While historically, associations used to be set up as societies, the increasing trend in Singapore is for associations and other not-for-profit organisations to be set up as CLGs instead. CLG…

2016 Associations Forum National Conference

Thank you for attending the 2016 Associations Forum National Conference. Please note that only those presentations that were given with permission to publish on our website are shown. Learning Labs 5D: Membership Engagement for NFPs Lowell Aplebaum

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