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Events are fundamental to most not-for-profit organisations. Whether it is large scale events showcasing international speakers and exhibitors, detailed workshops & training sessions, webinars, continuing professional development courses or seminars, they all serve to inform and educate. They also provide important networking opportunities for people in related industries or with similar interests.

Events serve as a crucial revenue stream for many associations and other NFPs. It is important that they are run efficiently, are topical and relevant to delegates. These resources provide extremely helpful guidance, tips and advice from professionals to assist you in running the best education programs and events.

Latest Events Resources

10 steps to maximise event profitability

Running Local and International Events

There is no reason an event can’t generate a significant income - provided it is run correctly. Research Understand who your potential delegates are and why they would choose to come to your event rather than another. Create an exciting program Your program must be extremely compelling. Don’t be afraid to incorporate some challenging or controversial topics or speakers. Sticking to safe topics is a quick way to ensure a dull, poorly…

Events on a tight budget

Running Local and International Event

We ask the experts for their top tips on keeping costs down. Share the load "If you book a number of events throughout the year, consolidate your conference or event bookings with the one venue - then you will have more negotiating power. Even on a low budget, you can try participating in trade shows by approaching complementary exhibitors and ask if they'd be interested in sharing booth space with you splitting the costs." – Debra O'Brien, Director, Festa Event…

Fairer fees for Services

Outsourcing to PCO's

What must you consider when assessing the fees charged by potential event managers? Francis Child offers some tips to ensure that your organisation is paying a fair and transparent fee for the work done. Event management companies – also called Professional Conference Organisers – provide a vital outsourced service to associations and charities. Their expertise allows not-for-profit organisations to delegate the operational success of their events to relevant professionals.…
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