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Magazine Publishers of Australia relaunches

The Magazine Publishers of Australia (MPA) has relaunched with a new website, look and advertising campaign after three years of inactivity.

The relaunch came after industry heavyweights Bauer Media, Pacific Magazines and NewsLifeMedia all confirmed their support for strengthening the magazine industry at an event in Sydney in September 2012.

MPA also appointed Ms Robin Parkes, the former CEO of Freeview, as its new executive director.

Parkes has been charged with the job of convincing advertisers and other stakeholders that magazines are still a valuable medium.

“The relaunch of the MPA signifies the renewed commitment of the three major publishers to the industry, and for improved transparency and unity on the industry issues that count,” said Parkes.

Despite the ever-increasing digital landscape, new Chairman of the MPA, Matthew Stanton (CEO of Bauer Media) said magazine sales had been remarkably robust. Digital sales of magazines also continued to show rapid growth.

“Even in a tough environment, over the past 12 months Australians bought 172 million magazines at a total of $894 million,” said Stanton.

The MPA also has plans to strengthen its social media offering and consumer activations.

Local Government and Shires associations merge

In an historic decision by NSW councils, members of the Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW (LGSA) have overwhelmingly voted in favour of forming a single, united association to represent the views and policies of Local Government in NSW.

Councilor Ray Donald, President of the Shires Association of NSW, said the decision came after almost nine years of debate and consultation.

“It's long been acknowledged that we need one voice representing Local Government in NSW, to effectively lobby the state and federal government on Local Government issues,” said Cr Donald.

According to Councilor Keith Rhoades, President of the Local Government Association of NSW, the association will be broken up into metropolitan and rural regions to ensure it fairly represents the interests of all councils across NSW.

“When voting at conferences, each region will have an equal number of votes, distributed proportionally among member councils within each region according to population, and all member councils will receive a minimum of one vote,” said Cr Rhoades.

The merger will take place in March 2013.

Photo: Magazine Publishers of Australia Executive Director Robin Parkes.

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