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Holding AGMs during COVID-19


The following notes have been taken from an Associations Forum Governance Webinar, held on 28 April 2020, Chaired by Kathy Nguyen, Associations Forum. When considering your options for AGMs, you must ensure there is a reasonable opportunity for members to participate ie. hear speakers, make comments, ask questions or vote. Your options include: Postponing the AGM Holding a virtual AGM

Why it's time to update your Strategic Plan

Operations, Governance

COVID-19 has meant that business-as-usual has changed, at least for the remainder of this year. If you have an association Plan that was developed more than 4 weeks ago, it is likely that the focus of your action plan will have dramatically changed. This is not to say that your whole strategic plan has necessarily changed but you must review it,…

Holding AGMs during COVID-19


UPDATE: Associations that are incorporated under the NSW Associations Incorporation Act that wish to postpone their AGM, or whose constitution does not provide for the holding of virtual AGMs can apply to NSW Fair Trading for an extension using Form A11. The fee will be waived. Click here to view.…

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