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Create intriguing and meaningful analytical insights for your Members with 10 THOUSAND FEET.

As association and not-for-profit specialists 10 THOUSAND FEET’s Sales Tracking Tools offer you the opportunity to track product/service sales across all your members. Allowing you to provide vital benchmarking information and help members understand which categories and subcategories in your industry are in growth or decline.

As part of their Sales Tracking packages, you will be able to:

  • Track sales annually, bi-annually, quarterly, or all year round,
  • Size the market and trend period on period category growth/decline
  • Tailor package inclusions and access levels to different members to make it accessible to all
  • Resell the information to your members and create new revenue streams

Association and not-for-profit specialists, 10 THOUSAND FEET are a key research partner of AUSactive, Australian Sporting Goods Association and Pathology Technology Australia as well as partnering with various State and Federal government agencies on key research projects in health, community services and the arts.

If you’re interested and would like to find out more about 10 THOUSAND FEET’s Sales Tracking Tools, book a meeting with one of their Senior Research Consultants via the link below.

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