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Enhancing Not-for-Profit Annual and Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting Requirements

As part of its ongoing initiatives in not-for-profit reporting, in 2013 the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia published the fourth edition of Enhancing Not-for-Profit Annual and Financial Reporting, which was first launched in 2007. The guidance is a tool designed specifically for the NFP sector to attain best practice in their annual and financial reports, as well as providing an overview of applicable legislation and resources.

Financial reporting for NFPs

Financial Reporting Requirements

What at first appeared to be simplifications to reporting requirements for not-for-profits now appear to impose further disclosure in coming years. Early in 2010 the Federal Government and the Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB) introduced new financial reporting standards. The good news for companies limited by guarantee - which encompasses many not-for-profit (NFP) associations – applies for the financial year ending 30 June 2010. Late changes to the Corporations Act…

22 Ways to Boost Membership


Members are at the core of not-for-profit organisations. They provide financial and human resources to perform the work of the association. A healthy membership leads to a vital organisation, yet even strong groups need to pay close attention to boosting membership numbers. With a large marketing and promotion budget, associations could accelerate membership growth, but few organisations enjoy the luxury of ample funding. Therefore, we have to ‘think smart’ to utilise…

Annual Reports: An investment, not an expense

Annual Reports

  With the continued pressure not-for-profits face on their finances, it is tempting for some to cease preparing an Annual Report. However, this is a short-sighted measure, and it is in the interests of all not-for-profits to produce some type of Annual Report. Annual Reports are an insight As part of our research into the not-for-profit sector, Associations Forum reviews many Annual Reports each year. Much can be gleaned by a non-member about the NFP from their Annual…

Branding for NFPs


Martin Long, NFP Analysts, explains the importance of a strong brand engaging members to increase their level of involvement and to develop loyalty. What creates a strong brand? If we asked a random group of consumers their unprompted recall of not-for-profit organisations most would nominate the usual big charities such as the ‘Salvos’, Red Cross and the Heart Foundation. Others might recall a professional or industry association connected with their work and…

Five tips to run your magazine on time

Print Publications

If you're in charge of your association magazine or newsletter, chances are you know the feeling of panic when you're running behind schedule. Maybe you've been scrambling for last-minute articles, or awaiting approval from a fastidious CEO, or perhaps your graphic designer has caught the flu. Sometimes delays are unavoidable, but you can reduce your blood pressure – and even have fun putting the magazine together – by following these five simple tips. Create…

10 steps to maximise event profitability

Running Local and International Events

Julian Moore, Director & Sponsorship Presenter at Strategic Membership Solutions, says there is no reason an event can’t generate a significant income - provided it is run correctly. Research Understand who your potential delegates are and why they would choose to come to your event rather than another. Create an exciting program Your program must be extremely compelling. Don’t be afraid to incorporate some challenging or controversial…

Events on a tight budget

Running Local and International Event

We ask the experts for their top tips on keeping costs down. Share the load "If you book a number of events throughout the year, consolidate your conference or event bookings with the one venue - then you will have more negotiating power. Even on a low budget, you can try participating in trade shows by approaching complementary exhibitors and ask if they'd be interested in sharing booth space with you splitting the costs." – Debra O'Brien, Director, Festa Event…

The Benefits of Hosting International Events

Running Local and International Events

Australian associations are discovering they have much to gain from hosting international events, using them as the ideal platform to attract new members, share ideas, network with people around the globe and to plan for the future. The core aims of all professional associations or industry bodies are to keep members informed on new developments, to raise the profile of the profession or industry and to progress the profession or industry. Increasingly, this is…

Fairer fees for Services

Outsourcing to PCO's

What must you consider when assessing the fees charged by potential event managers? Francis Child offers some tips to ensure that your organisation is paying a fair and transparent fee for the work done. Event management companies – also called Professional Conference Organisers – provide a vital outsourced service to associations and charities. Their expertise allows not-for-profit organisations to delegate the operational success of their events to relevant professionals.…

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