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Partner News: Get more impact from conference speakers: ensure they are trained and ready.

From Catherine McGrath a conference hosting expert and Association specialist.

Are your speakers prepared for your next conference? Sometimes this is the last question we ask, but it should be a priority.

Sadly, too often conference presentations lack focus and strategy. Too often the chance to engage an audience is missed.

Speakers don’t usually ask: does this presentation work for this audience?

For Associations, the conference is the time to mobilise, drive strategies, results and new agendas. The opportunity is high but can easily be lost by speeches that are off topic, too long or not engaging.

Most speakers get no training. As a result, too many presentations are less interesting and less engaging than they should be.

Associations have a big stake in this. Good speakers who are 'on topic' can drive great results.

Here are some simple ideas to help.

  • Include a budget for speaker training. Even two short online training session of 30 minutes will help each speaker prepare.

To get your speakers ready ask the following questions:

  • What is the goal of your presentation?
  • How long is it?
  • How many speeches have you given before, to what size audience? How did they go?
  • Are you able to clearly outline the key points of your presentation?
  • What is the ‘take-away’ for the audience?

I conduct speaking training and can provide your speakers with cost-effective online/zoom or skype training sessions or visit your team for in-house workshops.

We also offer public speaking workshops for women, via the  WomenSpeaking program.

About Catherine: media giant Catherine McGrath spent 30 years reporting and travelling the world as a foreign correspondent and political reporter for ABC and SBS. She presents conferences and trains clients Australia wide.

*special offer - book a 15-minute free consultation with Catherine to discuss your speaking program.

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