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Help shape new rules for incorporated associations

Closes 29th July.

There are about 38,000 associations currently registered in NSW, representing a range of activities – from sports or music clubs to childcare services, community support groups and animal breeding clubs.

The Regulation that governs the operation of associations in NSW is being reviewed to consider public input on how to improve, modernise and streamline it so it continues to work effectively and align with changing industry and community expectations.

The proposed Regulation retains many of the existing rules and introduces new requirements on topics including ballots, use of technology for committee and general meetings, as well as the filling of casual vacancies. This protects individual members and assists associations to effectively carry out financial responsibilities.

NSW Government invites stakeholders from across the sector to take part in this important review. Whether you are a member of the public or represent a legal, health, peak industry body or community group interested in the better functioning of associations – have your say.

For more information and a deeper understanding the proposed changes, the following documents are available:

Have your say

You can take part by completing a survey, uploading a submission or both.

Have your say by 5.00 pm on Friday, 29 July 2022.

Your comments and suggestions will help us better understand the impact of the proposed changes on the industry, community and government. 

Complete the survey, upload a submission, or choose other ways to have your say


Taken from NSW Government. 

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