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Cyber Breach Set to Impact Australian NFP Sector 

Cyber security experts are warning Australian NFPs to brace themselves for disruption as the ‘Apache Log4j’ issue, which first reared its head in December, is yet to reveal the host of implications it may have to Australian infrastructure. Cyber security specialists are advising organisations to be as proactive as possible in finding out whether or not they have been compromised to prevent ransomware attacks and other malicious hacks.

Many organisations may unknowingly have been hacked already. The modern tactic employed by most hackers is to work as quietly and discreetly as possible, burrowing deep into files, servers, emails and collecting key data before stinging an organisation for a ransom.

Many in the community and NFP sector are already at risk due to under-funded weaker systems, despite protecting the data of some of the most vulnerable members of society. 

Initial steps organisations can take include: 

1) Enable reporting of suspicious behaviour - Google Mail, 365 and others have this feature available to highlight log-ins and activity from other locations

2) Ask for help - get a fresh pair of eyes to review your network

3) Survey similar organisations in your sector to see if they have noticed anything suspicious

4) Consider using a software to track recent activity and patterns

5) Create a collective defence - pooling resources with likeminded organisation can create a broader, stronger network where you can share knowledge and work together to protect your sector

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