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Partner News: Is it time to invest in a Learning Management System?

If you’re a training organisation, there’s a good chance your revenue has been impacted by the pandemic with fewer face to face classes. While you probably already moved to live video courses since then, maybe your learners are becoming “Zoom fatigued.” So, how do you offer great virtual learning experiences while increasing revenue both now and in the future?

A lot of organisations are adopting (or upgrading) Learning Management Systems (LMS).

What can a LMS do?

In its simplest form, a LMS can host a variety of course types and related materials – whether it’s on-demand sessions, pre-class reading or even test results.

More sophisticated systems can also reduce your administrative overhead by automating processes - from enrolment to marking exams to tracking student progressions. Some also have communication and collaboration tools, payment options and course authoring capabilities.

The potential functions are nearly endless especially when combined with available integrations with other systems. It’s just a matter of picking the right LMS for your needs.

How to choose a LMS?

With hundreds of vendors to choose from, how do you decide?
Because I help clients do this all the time, I use an approach that matches your high-level needs with available vendor solutions. This usually avoids the cost and time of a RFT process altogether while still going through a competitive process. To learn more about choosing a LMS, head to: LMS Decisions - Roundbox Consulting.

Tammy Ven Dange of Roundbox Consulting is a former charity CEO, Not for Profit Board Member and IT Executive. Today she helps NFPs with IT decisions as an independent consultant.

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