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Partner News: Causeis unveils 8 new Digital Academy courses for 2021

Associations are moving toward rapid digital transformation across all areas to remain competitive and improve the member experience. You and your team may be working in ways you would never have imagined a year ago. But because these changes have been imposed on us so rapidly, there may not have been time to properly strategise and implement.

Causeis has developed a first of its kind Digital Academy for Associations, to help you effectively navigate the digital landscape. All attendees can continue their journey with access to an exclusive private community.

The Digital Academy for Associations courses have been designed to maximise your learning, networking, and access real-world examples. The courses in 2021 provide two types of training you can access for both association strategy and technical iMIS courses. With registration options to maximise your associations learning with a company wide passport to gain unlimited access to all courses.

Course registrations are now open for the entire year, you can view course topics below or head to the Causeis website for a full course guide.

  1. Technical: iMIS Cloud 360
  2. Strategy: Rethinking Your Renewal Strategy and Member Experience
  3. Technical: Financials for year end and Best Practice
  4. Strategy: Member Journey Mapping to Drive Member Experience for Growth
  5. Technical: Automations for your Members and Staff
  6. Strategy: Data Management for Associations
  7. Technical: Data, Reporting and Dashboarding
  8. Strategy: Engagement Scoring for Growth and Continuous Performance

Visit the Digital Academy here and secure your seat  

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