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Music industry association calls for event shift: Australian music on stage

Post COVID-19, OneMusic Australia is calling for Australian event organisers to focus on home-grown music talent to entertain and inspire at awards, conference and networking events in 2021 and beyond.

What songs are played as awards winners and CEOs mount the stage is in the hands of Australian event organisers and suppliers. A switch to all-Australian music costs nothing but the move is momentous and worthy of good PR.

Australian songwriters and composers need to you to include their music into your Awards now more than ever.

What’s in it for your organisation

We’ll be letting the world know which organisations have made the switch to all-Australian music in a big PR campaign and we will maintain an updated directory on our website and shout outs on socials, reaching hundreds of thousands of Australians.

We have had success with organisations such as the Australian Hotel Association (AHA) and Restaurant and Catering Australia to switch from the international music they were playing at their State and National Awards to an all-Australian playlist.

AHA’s CEO, Steven Ferguson said, “To be honest it’s something we didn’t even think about. It was an easy switch from one playlist to the other. With all-Australian business owners in our audience it makes perfect sense to celebrate the work of Australian music creators as well, just as we eat locally-sourced food at our events and serve Australian wines”.


When Steven Ferguson talks about an easy switch, we mean super easy:

  • Walk up music – we can provide suggestions
  • Arrival music – we can provide suggestions
  • Dance bands – how to find and brief them

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