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The Surveyor named as best business magazine in international awards

The Association of Consulting Surveyors has been awarded international recognition for its magazine, The Surveyor. 

The Surveyor has won top honours in the Best Single Issue category in the 2020 Tabbie Awards—a prestigious worldwide competition for publishers of business, trade and custom magazines.

“The entire magazine is clean and easy to read. The style and tone fit the industry and are cohesive throughout. There is no wasted space, yet the issue is not cluttered,” the judging panel wrote in its comments about The Surveyor.

Published for the Association of Consulting Surveyors by Brisbane-based publishing house TMPC, The Surveyor is a cutting-edge business title that profiles the incredibly important work of surveyors in Australia.

“We started this publication to tell the stories behind one of Australia’s oldest professions,” Association of Consulting Surveyors CEO Michelle Blicavs explains.

“Surveyors from Sir Thomas Mitchell and John Oxley explored and founded our original boundaries. But today, surveyors work on major infrastructure including Sydney’s second airport, inland rail and cross-river rail as well as greenfield housing developments.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have been recognised for The Surveyor magazine. It shows that publishing is not dead and remains a vital source of information for the association sector and our members. While many main stream magazines have stopped printing, we are increasing our readership and subscriptions each issue.

“The outstanding success The Surveyor has achieved highlights the importance of the tactile feel and nature of receiving something in the post or a hard copy to read over coffee and share with colleagues and friends. It allows us to highlight the achievements of our members, the professionals, their practices and their projects.

“The Association sector has become even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic providing support and advice to their members. This award recognition is a good news message for our industry.”
TABPI president Paul J. Heney, says B2B journalism continues to thrive in what has been a difficult few years for publishing companies.

“Even before the pandemic, we’ve seen a lot of turbulence in both B2B publishers and publishing associations. The last decade has been a tough one to navigate with the Internet becoming a preferred source for many readers. But each year, the editorial
and design work submitted for the Tabbies continues to show the astonishing journalism that continues to happen in this space,” Heney comments.

“Around the world, editors and designers are doing quality work, meaningful to the industries they serve—and we’re proud to help spotlight it.”

Complete results, along with selected comments from the judges and samples of the winning entries, are available at

See online copies of The Surveyor at

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