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Partner News: Positive impacts for Kiwis measured in new world leading project

In a world-first Tourism New Zealand has announced three international conferences whose impacts will be measured to maximise the positive societal impacts conferences generate to communities.

Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive Stephen England Hall says: "Conferences are a catalyst for social change. The information shared and decisions taken can profoundly change communities, impacting areas from policy and legislation change, to public health initiatives, environmental action, economic growth, or the creation of new jobs.

The three conferences that are part of the pilot are the INTECOL International Wetlands Conference 2020 in Christchurch, World Leisure Congress 2022 in Dunedin, International Working Group on Women and Sport 2022 in Auckland.

“We are excited to see how we can maximise and harness the benefits these conferences will bring to New Zealand and our people long term and then apply these learnings to other conferences that come here.

Tourism New Zealand partnered with Canada-based non-profit organisation #Meet4Impact on the Enrich New Zealand - Conference Impact project.

#Meet4Impact ran workshops with Tourism New Zealand, conference organisers, and local stakeholders to develop a framework for generating, managing and measuring the positive societal impacts across three pilot conferences.

#Meet4Impact Co-Founder and CEO Genevieve Le Clerc says: “Social impact requires event organisers to hold a conscious initial intention of social change and a reliable structure for measuring its results. We’re proud to be partnering with New Zealand on their Enrich New Zealand - Conference Impact project as they work to create maximum value out of their conferences.”

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