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FinTech launches Asia-Pacific network

FinTech associations from across the Asia-Pacific region have announced the formation of the Asia-Pacific FinTech Network.  The new network will facilitate greater collaboration throughout the region and encourage innovation across borders.

Nine associations formally launched the network by signing a Statement of Intent at the Asian Financial Forum event in Hong Kong.  The network is open to all other associations in the region, who are warmly invited to join.

The participants will work together on a range of activities, including:

  • co-organizing events in their respective markets to exchange information about recent developments and to facilitate trade and bilateral foreign direct investment
  • developing and fostering collaboration between companies in Asia with startups, corporates, regulators, business partners and investors
  • hosting joint webinars, seminars and workshops to share knowledge of technologies, products, services, and standards

The new network will focus on a range of sectors and themes which stand to benefit most from a collaborative approach, such as RegTech, Blockchain, Payment Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Financial Inclusion.

Rebecca Schot-Guppy, General Manager of FinTech Australia, said “The launch of the Asia-Pacific Fintech Network is a positive step in advancing cross border collaboration and building a strong APAC FinTech network. FinTech Australia looks forward to working with the Asia-Pacific FinTech Network to foster the region’s innovation and growth.”

Henri Arslanian, Chairman of the FinTech Association of Hong Kong, said, ““Innovation develops best through collaboration and cooperation across borders. We hope the launch of the Asia-Pacific FinTech Network will catalyse even more advances throughout the region.”

Takeshi Kito, Commissioner of the FinTech Association of Japan, said, “We are pleased to be a part of the Asia-Pacific FinTech Network. With this as an impactful opportunity, we would like to make more contributions to the sustainable and inclusive growth of the global FinTech ecosystem than ever before.”

Ridzuan Aziz, President of FinTech Association of Malaysia, said,  “We are excited to actively be part of the Asia-Pacific Fintech Network to facilitate collaboration with each other, between our members and other key stakeholders. In the current Age of Acceleration, collaboration is key for us to enhance talent, funding, branding, digital implementation and shaping a conducive environment. Let’s reach out and work with each other via this network for a better future”

Nameer Khan, Founder Board Member of MENA Fintech Association, said, “MENA FinTech Association is glad to be a part of the Asia-Pacific Fintech Network. We believe the role of associations is very dynamic and vital in bridging the regions and their ecosystems. This shall ensure that we are creating an environment of sharing global best practices and raising the voice of the FinTech community where and how it matters. This initiative will also serve a key role in ensuring we have smarter and relevant regulations in the coming days.”

Jove I. Tapiador, Chairman and Co-Founder of Fintech Philippines Association, said, “This is a testament to the commitment of Asia-Pacific FinTech leaders and players to build a future together.”

Chia Hock Lai, President of Singapore FinTech Association, said, “With the shift in global economic weight towards Asia, a collaborative and cooperative approach will be imperative to allow regional economies to seize the growth opportunities. Through the Asia-Pacific FinTech Network, we will be able to readily facilitate this strong cross border partnership among members and promote FinTech in the region.”

Joanna Yang, Chairman of Fintech Industry Development Association of Taiwan, said, “We are pleased to participate in this Asia-Pacific Network.  With this network’s establishment, Asian Pacific FinTech players will create more interactions and cooperation, developing closer synergies.”

Jessada Sookdhis, President of the Thai Fintech Association, said, “Thailand’s finance industry is stepping into a great digital transformation. The Thai Fintech Association intends to be a driver supporting the industry, assisting FinTech startups, and helping lower financing costs domestically and internationally.”

The founder members of the Asia-Pacific FinTech Network (in alphabetical order) are:

  • FinTech Australia
  • FinTech Association of Hong Kong
  • Fintech Association of Japan
  • Fintech Association of Malaysia
  • MENA Fintech Association
  • Fintech Philippines Association
  • Singapore FinTech Association
  • Fintech Industry Development Association of Taiwan
  • Thai Fintech Association

Taken from FinTech Australia Press Release 17 January 2019

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