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Optometry Victoria's new Executive Officer

Pete Haydon has been elected new Optometry Victoria's new Executive Officer. After working as the Manager of the RACV Community Foundation for 5 years, Mr Haydon said he was excited to be stepping into such a broad role. 

"I'm energised to be starting something new. I'm very much looking forward to using my experience across a range of industries to help Optometry Victoria through the next phase of its evolution," said Mr Haydon.

Mr Haydon has also previously held positions with the national and international Red Cross as Communications Manager, where he ran communications for the Red Cross disaster response on the ground in countries affected by the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. He said his focus during that time was managing expectations, a key skill he will bring to his new role as Executive Officer. 

This, combined with Mr Haydon's experience working with a wide range of stakeholders, members and interest groups no doubt made him a prime candidate for the role. 

"I am aware there are a number of challenges currently facing the eye care sector," said Mr Haydon. "The environment in which member-based organisations need to operate is also changing." 

My Haydon emphasised the membership service aspect of associations, but also is keen to provide a strong leadership framework for Optometry Victoria. 

Among other things, Mr Haydon said he is looking forward to facing the challenged of service provision, and believes that his appointment is a logical next step. 

Mr Haydon's appointment came just 10 days after Optometry Victoria's CEO Terri Smith left the job after 7 years. President Kylie Harris thanked Ms Smith on behalf of the Board. 

"Terri's commitment to raising the bar on member services was the driving force behind her decision making," said Ms Harris. "On behalf of Optometry Victoria Board and members, I wish her all the best in the future."

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