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New Board for Biometrics Institute

The Biometrics Institute has unveiled its new Board, and can boast a wide variety of representatives. The newly appointed Board members come from organisations such as Immigration New Zealand, the FBI, Spanish Ceca Bank and UK Home Office, to name a few.

Likewise, there is a unique mix of representation from biometric user (operator) organisations.

Arron Baker from Immigration New Zealand said he was honoured to be re-re-elected as Chairperson and outlined a forward-thinking agenda for the association. “I believe the work of the Institute is more vital now than ever as biometrics spreads into every aspects of citizens lives. We need to keep responsibility, privacy and security at the heart of biometric developments and build real trust and confidence amongst citizens and consumers,” he said.

“There are some exciting opportunities ahead of us and our focus for the coming year is the development of a Trust Mark for biometric products and services to help reassure the public of the responsible use of biometrics.”

A number of events for 2015 have also been confirmed, covering topics such as trust, data protection, identity management and customer authentication.

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