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Constitution Review

Constitutions are the rules that drive an association's structure and governance but are not always appropriate or well constructed. Our Constitution Review service highlights matters for consideration by associations including constitution content, governance structure, member definitions and Board composition.

Having reviewed over 150 association constitutions, Associations Forum can provide recommendations on what needs to be reviewed or improved based on legislative requirements and contemporary practice in the association sector. Our reviews highlight omissions or areas of ambiguity and make practical recommendations to help improve your constitution. The review is in the form of a letter with numbered points.

Some common issues we find with constitutions are:

  • Often constitutions don't define membership to ensure that only appropriate supporters of the cause can join and vote.
  • Some constitutions do not provide clarity regarding how directors are actually elected or appointed.
  • Extraneous matters are included in the constitution, e.g. job descriptions.
  • The style and language used in constitutions is often not appropriate.

A Constitution Review is an Associations Forum Gold Member Benefit.

For more information on constitution reviews, please email or call 02 9904 8200.

Associations Forum's Constitution Review is a high-level review of a constitution and does not include our Drafting and Updating Constitutions service.

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