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Board Evaluation Survey

Associations Forum's Board Evaluation Survey is an online questionnaire where each Board director completes questions on Board clarity, processes and culture. 

Areas examined include:

  • Board Size and Composition
  • Constitution and Clarity of Mission
  • Board Meeting Processes and Attendance
  • Communications, Chairing and Effectiveness
  • Finances

With the results, associations can see whether there is a convergence of opinions within the Board and benchmark with other entities.

All Board director responses will be de-identified and the association will receive a report based on the findings.  

The Board Evaluation Survey is free for Gold and Silver Members of Associations Forum.

For more information on the Board Evaluation Survey please email or call 02 9904 8200.


Our board recently undertook the board evaluation survey developed by the Associations Forum. The results of this very useful exercise came with a surprise bonus. This was the list of 40 good governance tips at the end of our results. In just two pages this handy checklist gives a great overview of the things that are important for any board to keep an eye on. I will be keeping this list close to hand!
Meredith Carter, Former Chair, Permanent Care & Adoptive Families

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