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How Foodservice Suppliers Association Australia are supporting its members in 2024

As a member-based association, we are a reflection of our membership and as such walk side by side with them among the challenges they face. These challenges have been varied in recent times including disruptions in the supply chain, changes in consumer behaviour, and getting regulation ready.

We are committed to enhancing our collaboration with industry stakeholders, connecting industry to share knowledge, and partnering with agencies that help prepare our members for regulatory mandates as well as advocating on behalf of the
supply chain.

As with most business, our members are grappling with rising cost of goods, a shortage of skilled staff, supply chain infrastructure, and the need for sustainability initiatives. To support our members, we are focusing on providing educational resources, fostering a community for knowledge exchange, and are actively working with external organisation APCO as we pilot a number of sustainability projects that
are foodservice specific. Additionally, we have been asked to join a food alliance group whose advocacy efforts benefit the food supply chain and our members. The current spending landscape is characterised by a need for cost optimisation.

Each year, the FSAA distributes a benchmarking survey, which allows each member to
benchmark their company against the rest of the industry. [Responses to a question on pressure points] predictably included interest rate rises and people dining out less as a concern, along with the rising cost of goods and the inability to pass on rate increases.

In response, the FSAA is actively working to facilitate networking opportunities and connect members with strategic partners that offer innovative solutions that can help navigate these challenges.

In the coming year, the FSAA plans to invest significantly in educational programs including online ‘learn at your pace’ modules, mentoring, roundtables, and sustainability initiatives. These investments aim to empower our members with knowledge and skills relevant to industry trends, encourage professional development, and bring together thought leaders who can make a real difference and contribute to providing solutions regarding sustainable practices for our industry.

We have a number of partnerships that will further strengthen the FSAA and expand our charter, so stay tuned for exciting developments on this front. The association has always and remains committed to continued growth, adaptability, and responsiveness to the evolving needs of our members.

2024 is shaping up to be a big year of ensuring we continue to collaborate and connect the entire foodservice eco-system because we are better together!

Taken from the Hospitality Magazine Media Release on March 4, 2024

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