Bringing Associations Together To Boost Performance


State Huntington's Associations agree to merge

Members who attended recent AGMs of the five Huntington’s State Associations – SA&NT, WA, Tasmania, NSW/ACT and Queensland – have agreed to merge into a new, single entity, Huntington’s Australia (HA).

The merger will bring together five associations with a shared vision of enabling those impacted by Huntington’s disease to live their best lives. It is a momentous occasion - a culmination of hard work from many people and the start of a new era of national unity of purpose and effort.

A merger implementation plan, which has been slowly progressing in anticipation of a positive vote, will now kick into full swing. A governing body for HA has already been established, and the Directors making up the foundational Board are all currently board members of their state associations.

Huntington’s Australia will be operational from July 1 2023.

In tandem with the above activities, a process to select a CEO to lead HA has been conducted and will be announced shortly.

Taken from Chris Glasson, Chair HA, Member's notification on 29 November 2022.

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