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Partner News: Introducing Revise Recruitment, a specialist agency for Peak Bodies & Member Associations

A new agency with an established network.

Say hello to Revise Recruitment, the boutique agency that's shaking things up in recruitment for Australia's Peak Body, Membership, and Associations sector. With over 20 years of recruitment experience, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with recruiting in this sector.

To re-vise is to make new, amend, improve and/or update a version of something existing.

And so, Revise Recruitment came to life from one simple concept: to 'revise' careers, teams, businesses and recruitment!

Our secret sauce? Our people and our network. We know what's happening in the sector before it happens, and we use these insights to provide personalised and proactive recruitment services. Relationships are the beating heart of our organisation because we live and breathe recruitment in this sector.

Our founder, Louise Roper has 7 years experience catering to the Association's recruitment sector and her passion for the space inspired her to create Revise Recruitment. Her unwavering commitment to ethical behaviour, professionalism, and spreading the love of knowledge is what sets the tone for our entire agency.

We build partnerships and champion our clients, using our deep industry knowledge to make the perfect people-to-business matches.

“Louise has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment and has gone above and beyond to identify and find the perfect fit. I would not hesitate to recommend Louise to candidates and organisations needing someone to go that extra mile.” Julie, Chief Experience Officer

At Revise Recruitment, we're more than just recruiters - we're your partner in the business growth journey. Come say hi at or chat with Louise Roper at or 0436 018 222


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