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Partner News: AVisual Productions Expands to New Zealand

AVisual Productions, a leading audio-visual event company and recent sponsor of the Associations Forum National Conference, is excited to announce its expansion to Wellington, its first location in New Zealand.

The move comes as the company continues to grow its presence in the event production industry.

AVisual Productions is renowned for delivering high-quality audio-visual solutions to events such as association meetings, product launches, concerts, and corporate events. Their team of experienced technicians and technical directors specialise in designing custom solutions that create unforgettable experiences for their clients and guests.

"AVisual Productions is excited to expand our operations to Wellington," said Bradley Byrne, Director of AVisual Productions. "Wellington is a hub of creativity, and we're excited to bring our expertise and experience to the city's vibrant event scene. We believe that our personalised approach to event production will help us stand out in the market and continue to deliver exceptional experiences to our clients across the Oceania region."

The expansion to Wellington is part of AVisual Productions' long-term strategy to expand its global presence and bring its innovative audio-visual solutions to more clients worldwide. The company plans to open more locations in New Zealand in the coming years.

For more information about AVisual Productions'
audio-visual solutions and services, please contact:

Alex Davies, Director of Sales & Marketing
AVisual Productions
Phone: 0429 496 088

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