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Kangaroo Industry Association of Australia rebrands as the Australian Wild Game Industry Council

The Kangaroo Industry Association of Australia (KIAA) is proudly announcing its transformation into the Australian Wild Game Industry Council (AWGIC).

The change reflects the industry’s commitment to the expansion of its national membership base, representing the interests of wild game meat and skin processors throughout Australia.

As the peak representative body for the commercial industry, AWGIC will bring together the diverse wild game industry. The Industry Council will encompass various species, including six approved species of kangaroo and wallaby, as feral goat, boar, deer, rabbit and hares, game birds, and Brushtail possums.

AWGIC Executive Officer, Dennis King, said the Council is dedicated to promoting high-quality and traceable meat and leather products, responsibly sourced from open-range environments where wild game thrives on the natural pastures and foliage of the Australian bush.

“Just as the KIAA has done since its formation in 1970, AWGIC remains committed to elevating the commercial industry into an international benchmark for sustainable and humane wildlife harvest.

Our mission includes advocating for evidence-based policies, strict regulation, and enforcement. We continue to collaborate with various stakeholders, for industry transparency, and to safeguard biodiversity and promote positive animal welfare outcomes.”

AWGIC continues to place animal welfare at the forefront. Licensed and qualified harvesters follow a national code of practice, and commercial harvesting is independently monitored at every step to maintain the highest standards. Mandatory licensing and tagging systems ensure traceability.

“In the absence of a commercial industry, conservation culling remains a necessity. Our ethical practices ensure that species are harvested in sustainable numbers and utilised responsibly, contributing to both the economy and wildlife management,” said Mr King. 

Taken from the Australian Rural & Regional News Media Release on December 15, 2023

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