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Industrial Relations changes in 2024: Understanding new obligations

The Closing Loopholes Bill has been passed by parliament and has ramifications for businesses that use casuals, contractors, gig workers and self-employed Australians. As CEO of COSBOA, I regularly get asked how businesses can prepare, and my best advice is to regularly monitor updates in policies and establish a network of industry contacts who can provide valuable insights and support to navigate these complex ‘red tape’ changes.

Additionally, investing in employee training programs to enhance adaptability and compliance awareness can help businesses navigate changes and adapt internal processes effectively.

In 2024, COSBOA is supporting small businesses by actively advocating for improved policy processes and the removal of complexities which hinder our industry.

Concerns raised in recent reports show areas such as casuals, contractors and union right of entry, are causing increased confusion for small businesses.

Our message has been simple: don’t legislate more uncertainty during uncertain times.

Read COSBOA’s full update on IR changes here.

Looking to unpack more of the fundamental changes in our IR system and discuss what the ‘Closing Loopholes Bill’ means for small business? Don’t miss the COSBOA National Small Business Summit, including a dedicated session on IR, taking place in Sydney on 3-4 April 2024.  

Join us for a jam-packed 2 days with 17 policy-driven sessions from 35+ expert speakers, to hear inspiring success stories, witness the resilience of regional influencers and gain insights into emerging local and global market trends that demand our attention and strategic responses.

I hope to see you there!

By Luke Achterstraat, CEO of Council of Small Business Organisations Australia (COSBOA).

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