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Hardware Australia and TABMA Join Forces

The Board of TABMA and Hardware Australia are thrilled to announce that their members voted to change the TABMA Australia name and constitution to allow for a positive merger with Hardware Australia into a single Association to represent the timber and hardware industry.

On Monday 3 April 2023, TABMA and Hardware Australia will begin trading as the National Timber and Hardware Association (NTHA), leading the way for a stronger Association and unifying the voice of the industry to achieve goals and objectives on behalf of the wider membership group.

The leadership team which includes both the TABMA and Hardware Australia Boards view this as a great opportunity to be stronger together, especially across national advocacy and policy issues when engaging with important stakeholders.

NTHA will now be an organisation with 700+ members which will open up new opportunities for networking and also learning.

With TABMA's 80 years of experience, the association is excited to build upon the industry's existing strength as we enter a new chapter. This marks a significant milestone for TABMA, Hardware Australia and its members, as they look forward to forging a stronger association that has wider reach and serves to unite and uplift the timber and hardware industries.

Taken from TABMA Media Release on 10 March 2023.

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