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Partner News: Al Mucci - Be Connected Gold Coast ambassador, wildlife educator and First Nations advocate

Wildlife and Indigenous relations expert, Al Mucci knows a lot about the importance of business events.

He’s been a catalyst for bringing many to the Gold Coast and is a regular presenter at them. He’s our very own GC wildlife guardian and proud Ambassador for Destination Gold Coast Business Events.

His Gold Coast credentials come from pioneering work at Dreamworld where he was General Manager of Life Sciences and responsible for delivering visitor experiences that showcased animals through the eyes of First Nation people.

That attraction is called Dreamworld Corroboree and it was built around a very different and innovative model.

While no longer working at the attraction, Al Mucci lectures at The University of Queensland for the degree coarse Management and Husbandry of Zoo Animals at the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences which supports his endeavours in wildlife education, conservation and research.

He’s also a Director of the Save the Bilby Fund and former Director with the Queensland RSPCA.

He is deeply committed to embracing the insights and knowledge of Indigenous Australians.

His career is focused on protection of the environment and threatened species, the history of Queensland and protection Australia’s First Nations people’s heritage.

Al Mucci is an important member of the Gold Coast community. A leader, a teacher, a communicator – who ably brings people with him so that the human impact on the environment and its animals can be managed with balance and care.

What he cherishes now is that the Gold Coast is changing and there is a much greater commitment to embrace the collective responsibility to value and respect the land, the natural environment, and the First Nations people.

Destination Gold Coast Business Events are thrilled to have Al Mucci as a BE Connected Ambassador.

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