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Australia celebrates 30 years of men's sheds as Robertson's thrives with equal membership from both sexes

The Robertson Men's and Women's Shed is one of the few sheds in the country open to both sexes and has now received a significant government grant.

"The idea of a shed came up in 2017 and it started off with some of the guys coming together and coming up with the idea," coordinator Claire Hewat said.

"Then a few of the women said, 'Well why can't we be involved?'

By offering the space to both men and women, the shed was able to attract a significant government grant to help build its new facility.

"We now have a dedicated men's day and a dedicated women's day and we have mixed nights and days as well."

Ms Hewat said catering to both men and women was one of the selling points that helped the shed secure a $291,000 NSW government grant to help build and fit out the site on Robertson's main street.

The shed now proudly boasts equal membership from both sexes — 29 men and 29 women — and has attracted female members from outside Robertson.

"It's about the networking, the camaraderie, and the girls who always wish they could've done woodwork at school when they were sent off to home economics," Ms Hewat said.

She said women were involved in the fit-out of the space, including helping to build some of the work benches.

Taken from the ABC on 14 September 2023. 

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