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ARA continues to dominate the retail media landscape

At the Australian Retailers Association (ARA), we are thrilled to share the remarkable impact and reach of our media coverage throughout the Christmas and Boxing Day period.  

Our dedication to providing insightful commentary, tireless advocacy and accurate retail trade information has led to a significant media presence, setting us apart as the leading retail association in Australia. 

Our media reach continues to dominate that of competing retail associations. The ARA’s broadcast, print and online media cut through achieved a Share of Voice (SOV) of 85.20% from 1st November to 31st December 2023 compared to other smaller retail associations. These metrics are provided by independent media monitoring service Meltwater. It demonstrates our strong presence and influence in public debate and our commitment to education and awareness raising on important retail topics.   

We were featured in broadcast media a remarkable 3,952 times during this period alone, while we appeared in 1,664 print/online stories. 

For context, the next nearest retail association featured in only 448 broadcast items and 604 print/online stories.  

These numbers not only underscore our consistently dominant position in the media landscape but also reflect the trust and reliance placed in us by the public and the retail industry. 

What truly sets the ARA apart is our exclusive partnerships with established and trusted research leaders such as Roy Morgan, Australia’s leading market research company. This collaboration enables us to provide unparalleled sales projections and market insights. It is this unique relationship that allows us to offer data-driven and accurate forecasts, a service no other retail association in Australia can claim. 

We also draw on the expertise of a portfolio of other research and economic experts as well as in-depth survey data and feedback from our members – who include the largest and most diverse retail community in Australia. This allows us to present a truly unified and representative voice.  

We remain the only Australian retail organisation that provides retail forecasts with transparent sources and accountability.  

The extensive media reach of the ARA is not just a statistic; it reflects our central role in shaping and informing the retail industry in Australia. Our insights and analysis are crucial to bring retail policies and issues into sharp focus.  

A strong media presence allows the ARA to effectively advocate for the interests of retailers at a time when public and governmental attention on the sector is at its peak. This can include influencing policy decisions, raising awareness about challenges faced by retailers, and championing the sector’s contribution to the economy. 

By maintaining a strong media presence, the ARA also enhances the overall reputation of the retail industry. Positive and informative coverage can shape public perception, highlighting the sector’s resilience, innovation, and importance to the Australian economy.


Taken from the Australian Retailers Association Media Release on January 18, 2024

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