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80 organisations unite to combat sustainability accreditation scheme in World Heritage Area

More than 80 organisations from around the globe are calling for accreditation schemes to immediately revoke their ‘sustainability’ certifications from farmed salmon and trout raised in waters adjacent to the World Heritage Area, Macquarie Harbour, Tasmania.

The accreditation schemes include Best Aquaculture Practices and GlobalG.A.P.

Signatories from 17 countries have sent open letters to both schemes demanding withdrawal of certification and include marine, shark conservation, animal welfare, and community groups, as well as independent scientists, a public policy think tank, and award-winning authors.

Joining NOFF as signatories to the letters are Living Oceans Society, Greenpeace, Patagonia, Sea Shepherd, Animals Australia, Australian Marine Conservation Society, David Suzuki Foundation, Tasmanian Alliance for Marine Protection, Australia Institute, Global Salmon Farming Resistance & Wild Fish Conservancy.

Taken from Tasmanian Times Media Release on 25 July 2023. 

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