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3 VFF board directors quit over 'lack of consultation'

The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) board has accepted the resignation of egg council president Meg Parkinson, grains council president Craig Henderson and livestock council vice-president Peter Star.

VFF president Emma Germano said in a statement the three directors had "recognised the complexity of their governance responsibilities under the existing VFF Constitution".

"Further, the transformational journey continues as requested by the overwhelming majority of members, that seek modern policy and advocacy that matter to all farmers," she said.

The shock resignations happened during the body's annual conference.

It comes after the VFF refused an attempt by more than 150 of its members to hold an extraordinary general meeting, that could have led to the board being sacked.

Dairy farmer members, who make up about a third of the peak body's membership and about contribute $1 million in fees, have also recently established an organisation to represent them external to the VFF.

Taken from ABC News Media Release on 25 July 2023.

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