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Partner News: Partnering with AB Phillips to make sure your members are really covered

We would like to introduce you to our strategic insurance partner AB Phillips, one of Australia's leading insurance brokers. For over 45 years, the AB Phillips team have been working across a wide variety of industry sectors providing a mixture of general and specialised insurance, and risk minimisation products and services for their clients.

Those years of experience mean they are able to provide comprehensive, industry-focused advice for your association and its members, providing fit-for-purpose policies so you and your members are always really covered. They do this by adjusting standard policies in two key ways: offering industry-specific cover that's not available in most off-the-shelf policies, as well as removing the unnecessary aspects of a policy that aren't relevant to the needs of you and your members.

On top of providing cover where it’s needed rather than where it's not, AB Phillips offer associations and their members another unique opportunity to ensure they are really covered. With many years of experience partnering with associations, the AB Phillips team have seen how effective it is to establish a dialogue with industry members in order to understand more about the unique challenges faced by each industry. This is why they encourage their association partners to provide industry advisory information to help them maintain and evolve the policy suite that is essential to the reality of their specific industry.

If you'd like to know more about this strategic partnership can work for your association, give AB Phillips a call on 1300 242 136 and ask to speak with their head of partnerships, Koula Stamatovski, or you can email Koula on

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