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Financial Benchmarking

Although associations do not have financial owners or shareholders, they must be vigilant and strategic with their financial management decisions. The Financial Benchmarking project will seek and analyse data to calculate measures and ratios that can be used by associations to determine their respective performance and stability.

Financial information that is collected and compared includes:

  • Income
  • Expenditure
  • Equity
  • Membership and staff data

The resulting information allows associations to better understand:

  • Profitability compared to select criteria
  • Reserves in relation to monthly operating costs 
  • Balance sheet ratios

Associations will receive a report comparing key financial indicators to other participants from a customised de-identified list describing the other associations by scale and type. Data collected for this project will remain confidential.

Financial Benchmarking is free for Gold Members and Silver Members of Associations Forum.

For more information on Financial Benchmarking please email or call 02 9904 8200.

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