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22 Ways to Boost Membership

Members are at the core of not-for-profit organisations. They provide financial and human resources to perform the work of the association. A healthy membership leads to a vital organisation, yet even strong groups need to pay close attention to boosting membership numbers.

With a large marketing and promotion budget, associations could accelerate membership growth, but few organisations enjoy the luxury of ample funding. Therefore, we have to ‘think smart’ to utilise low-cost and highly effective strategies.

Recommendation 1: Be relevant

Recommendation 2: Have the right structure

Recommendation 3: Survey members’ needs

Recommendation 4: Plan your marketing

Recommendation 5: Provide the right and new member services

Recommendation 6: Run seminars, workshops and conferences

Recommendation 7: Support Special Interest Groups

Recommendation 8: Lobby for your cause

Recommendation 9: Appoint membership-responsible volunteers

Recommendation 10: Set targets

Recommendation 11: Communicate personally

Recommendation 12: Research the public domain

Recommendation 13: Include membership in agendas

Recommendation 14: Use public relations to build profile

Recommendation 15: Be cautious with advertising

Recommendation 16: Launch your association or a new project

Recommendation 17: Set a membership ‘season’

Recommendation 18: Abolish joining fees

Recommendation 19: Promote to likely future members

Recommendation 20: Work with related groups

Recommendation 21: Innovate and be creative

Recommendation 22: Ensure Retention


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