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Associations Forum has several guides and templates that are exclusive for our members.

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Latest Resources

Survey Reports

Associations Forum regularly undertakes practical surveys which are used by the associations and charities sector as standard reference points and are free to members that participate. Our surveys include Associations Salary Survey, Board Survey, Membership and Services Survey, and Association Events Survey. For more information or to purchase a copy of any of our survey reports please call 02 9904 8200 or email

10 steps for successful planning days

Strategic Planning

The reason associations must plan is clear: if an association doesn’t agree on what it wants to do, it will be harder to achieve desired outcomes. A documented annual plan needs to be initially developed at a face-to-face Planning Day, attended by the Board and CEO, and then actioned by the association management.

Nexia Economic Stimulus Package Update


Nexia Australia has provided a comprehensive overview of the Federal Government Economic Stimulus Package, ATO's Administration Concessions, NSW Government Stimulus Package, Small Business Relief Package and more details surrounding these announcements.  By Nexia Australia. 

COVID-19 Employer Guide

Operations, Workplace Laws

This detailed guide by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry covers how to manage your workplace during the COVID-19 outbreak. It covers the obligations an employer has to ensure a safe working environment, even when employees work from home and the legal requirements when scaling down operations.  Originally published by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

AGM Guide (Free for Associations Forum Members)

Associations Forum’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) Guide has been written to assist the smooth and appropriate running of an association General Meeting. The AGM Guide is available free of charge to members of Associations Forum. Please contact to request a copy. This edition of Associations Forum’s AGM Guide has been written for public companies limited by guarantee under the Commonwealth of Australia’s…

Board Charter (Free for Associations Forum Members)

A sample Board Charter for associations is available to members of Associations Forum. Please contact to request a copy. The purpose of the Board Charter is to define the rights and responsibilities of the Directors of the association to assist them in fulfilling their duties and obligations. Table of contents 1 Overview 2 Role of the Board 3 Responsibilities 4 Board…

Finance, Audit & Risk Committee Terms of Reference

Sample Terms of Reference for a Finance, Audit and Risk Committee are available to members of Associations Forum. Please contact Kathy Nguyen at to request a copy. Contents1 Introduction1.1 Importance of the Committee1.2 Treasurer or no Treasurer2 Duties and Responsibilities2.1 Internal financial management, reporting and monitoring2.2 Internal Controls to prevent…

Incorporating an Australian association

Incorporating an Association

By John Peacock, Chief Executive Officer, Associations Forum Associations in Australia have expressed interest in an opinion on the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating an association as either: An incorporated association under State or Territory associations incorporation legislation; or as a A company limited by guarantee under the Commonwealth Corporations Act 2001. The ideas expressed…

2016 Associations Forum National Conference

Thank you for attending the 2016 Associations Forum National Conference. Please note that only those presentations that were given with permission to publish on our website are shown. Learning Labs 5D: Membership Engagement for NFPs Lowell Aplebaum

2017 Membership Summit Presentations

Putting the 'Me' in Membership - David Hallett Growing Your Membership - Jill Brookfield Taking Members on a Digital Transformation Journey - Tony Gleeson

2019 Association Events Summit

Thank you for attending the 2019 Association Events Summit. Please note that only those presentations that were given with permission to publish on our website are shown. The Future of Meetings and Events - An International Research Project Developing…

2017 Associations Forum National Conference Presentations

Thank you for attending the 2017 Associations Forum National Conference. Please note that only those presentations that were given with permission to publish on our website are shown. An Introduction to Associations 2A Engaging Members: The Life Blood of an Association

Leveraging technology to improve performance


By closely tying performance to their IT operations, associations can uncover critical information while determining how to better their performance and deepen their connection with members. Performance management: identify what to measure The first step to improving your association’s performance through the use of technology is to identify what it is you want to improve, and as such, what you should measure. Some associations will want to look at member retention,…

22 Ways to Boost Membership


Members are at the core of not-for-profit organisations. They provide financial and human resources to perform the work of the association. A healthy membership leads to a vital organisation, yet even strong groups need to pay close attention to boosting membership numbers. With a large marketing and promotion budget, associations could accelerate membership growth, but few organisations enjoy the luxury of ample funding. Therefore, we have to ‘think smart’ to utilise…

Annual Reports: An investment, not an expense

Annual Reports

  With the continued pressure not-for-profits face on their finances, it is tempting for some to cease preparing an Annual Report. However, this is a short-sighted measure, and it is in the interests of all not-for-profits to produce some type of Annual Report. Annual Reports are an insight As part of our research into the not-for-profit sector, Associations Forum reviews many Annual Reports each year. Much can be gleaned by a non-member about the NFP from their Annual Report,…

Branding for NFPs


What creates a strong brand? If we asked a random group of consumers their unprompted recall of not-for-profit organisations most would nominate the usual big charities such as the ‘Salvos’, Red Cross and the Heart Foundation. Others might recall a professional or industry association connected with their work and others a charity that relates to a personal interest. Does your brand have personality? While some think this should all be left to the commercial organisations, others…

Five tips to run your magazine on time

Print Publications

If you're in charge of your association magazine or newsletter, chances are you know the feeling of panic when you're running behind schedule. Maybe you've been scrambling for last-minute articles, or awaiting approval from a fastidious CEO, or perhaps your graphic designer has caught the flu. Sometimes delays are unavoidable, but you can reduce your blood pressure – and even have fun putting the magazine together – by following these five simple tips. Create…

10 steps to maximise event profitability

Running Local and International Events

There is no reason an event can’t generate a significant income - provided it is run correctly. Research Understand who your potential delegates are and why they would choose to come to your event rather than another. Create an exciting program Your program must be extremely compelling. Don’t be afraid to incorporate some challenging or controversial topics or speakers. Sticking to safe topics is a quick way to ensure a dull, poorly…

Events on a tight budget

Running Local and International Event

We ask the experts for their top tips on keeping costs down. Share the load "If you book a number of events throughout the year, consolidate your conference or event bookings with the one venue - then you will have more negotiating power. Even on a low budget, you can try participating in trade shows by approaching complementary exhibitors and ask if they'd be interested in sharing booth space with you splitting the costs." – Debra O'Brien, Director, Festa Event…

Fairer fees for Services

Outsourcing to PCO's

What must you consider when assessing the fees charged by potential event managers? Francis Child offers some tips to ensure that your organisation is paying a fair and transparent fee for the work done. Event management companies – also called Professional Conference Organisers – provide a vital outsourced service to associations and charities. Their expertise allows not-for-profit organisations to delegate the operational success of their events to relevant professionals.…
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