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New GrainGrowers Chief Executive Officer Announced

GrainGrowers Chair Rhys Turton announced the appointment of Shona Gawel as the new Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Ms Gawel served previously as the GrainGrowers’ Chief Operating Officer and was General Manager, Communications & Grower Engagement, and brings extensive experience and company knowledge to the role.

Mr Turton said the appointment would continue to strongly drive outcomes that underpin profitable and sustainable solutions for growers.

“In her previous positions, Ms Gawel has already played a pivotal role, delivering a wide range of member services and delivering efficiencies across key operations. Her new role will tap into this experience and ensure we continue to represent growers on issues affecting their businesses and deliver development programs that build the skills and capacity of growers.”

“She is the right person for the position, and I am confident that the industry will embrace her commitment and dedication to getting on with the job on their behalf.”

Ms Gawel said she was looking forward to the challenges of the new role.

“I am passionate that our work at GrainGrowers reflects a deep understanding of grower needs, the local communities and the people that make them unique. Everything we do will have a strong grower focus, and I am looking forward to delivering exciting initiatives that build a more profitable and sustainable grains industry.”

“It is an incredible honour to be appointed as the new CEO, and I am proud of the team here and the passion and professionalism with which they undertake their work each day on behalf of growers.”

Ms Gawel said she was looking forward to connecting with many growers in person over the weeks ahead, with the GrainGrowers team out and about at various activities.

Her previous experience includes roles in Australia and the United Kingdom, working on projects that have spanned digital technology, infrastructure, the charity and disability sectors, and industry associations.

Taken from GrainGrowers Media Release on 9 February 2023.

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