Bringing Associations Together To Boost Performance


The essential role of organisations in fuelling economic growth

Associations play a vital role in shaping economies and acting as conduits between industries, governments and communities. 

They are seen as invaluable platforms for collaboration, innovation, advocacy, and facilitating the exchange of ideas and best practices among their members. 

By bringing together like-minded professionals, businesses and stakeholders, associations create synergies that drive collective progress and competitiveness in various sectors. 

Association Forum’s Advisor Tony Gleeson emphasised the pivotal role of associations stating, “Associations are the lifeblood of our economy, serving as purveyors of growth and innovation. Their role in connecting stakeholders, driving collaboration, and advocating for conducive business environments is essential for driving economic growth and association success.” 

He continued, “Events such as the Membership Summit held at Sydney Masonic Centre on Thursday 29 February are important for industry experts to collaborate, network and share best practices, knowledge and resources.”

We heard from experienced leaders from a variety of industries including: Karen Worsfold – Finsia, Margot Smith – RSL, Monique English – Standards Australia, Dr Matthew Fisher – Australian Society of Anaesthetists, David Chin – Resolution Institute, Shona Gawel – Grain Growers Limited, Michael Johnson – Accommodation Australia and Samantha Hunter – Occupational Therapy Australia.

Key takeaways and popular themes included how to advocate with honesty, addressing the shifting demographics of an ageing population, fostering authenticity within associations, shaping standards, strategic planning and learning from influencers such as Taylor Swift.  Other common themes included being member-centric, diversifying your income streams and working with data to understand your member’s needs.

Governments, businesses and stakeholders are urged to recognise and support the vital role of associations in driving economic growth and organisational excellence. Associations can unlock new opportunities for innovation, prosperity and sustainable development.

We look forward to continued collaboration at our National Conference in Canberra from 30 April to 1 May, where we will further explore these critical topics. 

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