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Associations Salary Survey 2023 Findings Released


Wentworth Advantage and Associations Forum are proud to produce another dedicated salary resource for professionals and board members in the associations sector.

The Associations Salary Survey 2023 equips senior management within associations with the necessary tools to ensure that their remuneration practices complement and align with overall business goals and strategy. On a more immediate level, the data enables managers and employees alike to plan for their upcoming salary reviews.

Salary and remuneration data is currently more important than ever, with cost-of-living pressures bringing wages very much into focus in 2023.

Key findings from the Associations Salary Survey 2023 include:

  • The results indicate that, for the most part, remuneration has remained reasonably steady with a total average increase of 2.4% over the past 2 years. The average increase across positions which rose was 5.1%. Conversely, the average decrease across positions which fell was 3.2%.
  • Only two positions saw a material change in remuneration, this being the Administration/Office Manager position (14.1% increase) and the Events Manager position (10.7% increase).
  • While not overly material, it is worth noting that remuneration for the Operations Manager position dropped by 5.4%, making it the largest decrease across all positions in the 2023 Salary Survey.

Wentworth Advantage and Associations Forum would like to thank all the organisations and individuals who invested their valuable time to complete the Associations Salary Survey 2023.

The 76-page Associations Salary Survey 2023 can be purchased for $190 (Members) or $490 (Non-member NFP organisations). 

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