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Association Events Survey 2020 Findings Released

MEDIA RELEASE ​16 December 2020

Association Events Survey 2020 examined how association events were held and produced, and the trends that emerged. With 194 associations participating, Association Events Survey 2020 indicated:

  • 20% of association events were cancelled
  • 36% of association events were rescheduled to 2021
  • 20% of associations reported rescheduling to 2022, not having a major event this year or converting to a virtual event
  • 43% of associations reported a decrease in hours worked on events
  • 30% of associations reported decreased attendance at their major event
  • 46% of associations saw a decrease in sponsorship income of their major event
  • 67% of the major events run this year were completely virtual
  • 15% of the major events run this year were hybrid
  • 19% stated that they were currently planning their major events and were waiting for changes in restrictions before confirming
  • 48% of events were run by associations in-house staff
  • A further 27% of events were run by associations in-house staff plus a PCO

Associations Forum General Manager, Fatima Sunderji, says 2020 was initially devastating for associations yet they responded tremendously. “Events are at the core of associations. They assist the association in meeting its education and information objectives and also provide a valuable income stream. This year, events were heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and associations successfully moved swiftly to virtual and hybrid models”, says Ms Sunderji.

As associations are one of the largest organisers of events, this survey is of value to both associations and those involved in the events sector. With the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting the events sector, Associations Forum tailored this year’s survey questions to observe the impact it had on association events.

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