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Cut hours, stand down, or redundancy?


As COVID-19 devastates your member’s businesses large and small, employers are being faced with a dreadful dilemma: should we cut hours, stand down staff or make people redundant?The reality is - no one wants to lay staff off. However, your desire to do the right thing and keep workers employed could backfire on you unless you are careful and get good advice pertinent to your particularly circumstances.Many employers believe that standing down employees is an easier or…

Workplace laws and government support during coronavirus


Associations Forum has gathered a list of essential resources from various authorities that provide answers to frequently asked questions.  Australian workplace laws regarding coronavirus. Fairwork has issued a list of important Government information about coronavirus, the workplace and the obligations to employees under the Fair Work Act. This information is designed to help employers navigate the obligations during the coronavirus crisis and answer some of the frequently asked…

Association business continuity during COVID19


Kathy Nguyen, Manager - Client Services  Associations Forum The spread of the novel coronavirus has already impacted all associations around Australia. During these times of rapid change, it is important to be prepared to respond in the best interest for your staff, volunteers and community. 1. Communicating with staff As we are constantly being updated on the situation regarding COVID-19, communicating with your staff and prioritising health…

COVID-19 Employer Guide


This detailed guide by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry covers how to manage your workplace during the COVID-19 outbreak. It covers the obligations an employer has to ensure a safe working environment, even when employees work from home and the legal requirements when scaling down operations.  Originally published by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

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