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Member Benefits

  • Infinite Rewards

    Since 2004, Infinite Rewards has managed Australia’s leading membership-based, white-label rewards programs. We develop each program, delivering every facet of operation from customer service to ongoing updates and driving engagement for our clients. From their own branded websites, our rewards programs provide hundreds of real benefits and savings to members.

    Ilya Frolov
    Managing Director

    P: +61 413 174 499

  • Redeem

    Redeem – the ‘Smart app’ giving Association Members instant access to a wide variety of Member Benefits and Products to instantly access & purchase and have shipped directly from Australian Suppliers with Australian Guarantees. Choose from Travel & Accommodation deals, Jewellery, Rental Cars, Computer & IT Products, Insurance, Movie Tickets, Energy Saving programs, Fuel Discounts, and many more.

    Kat Godden
    Redeem Program Manager

    P: 02 9488 0852

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