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Are you ready to expand internationally?

Partner with the two-time winner of the “Consultancy Firm of the Year” Sannam S4.

Providing in-country expertise and a range of practical support services in key overseas markets, we support over 350 international organizations, non-profits, trade & investment bodies, associations, universities, governments, companies & SMEs as they seek to establish and build an international footprint. We support the establishment and development of local initiatives in key international markets with efficiency, growth, and compliance as cornerstones of success.

Sannam S4’s market-leading in-country representation solution provides organizations the ability to have local objectives fulfilled in a number of international markets. Our core services such as market research, partnerships, talent acquisition, HR advisory, financial & tax advisory, compliance management solutions, digital marketing & event management, and other be-spoke operations & business advisory ensure all-round support for our stakeholders’ in-country aspirations. We place tremendous value on its strategic partnerships and close affiliations with governments and bilateral institutions, which include partnerships and working relations with the governments of Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A, U.K., Canada, Ireland, and India.

Sannam S4’s offer for Association Forum members and related member organizations: A free 1-hour initial consultation and an overall 10% discount on our total fee.

For more details about our offer & to set up a free consultation, reach out to
our Head of Client Relations at

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