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Benchmarking Surveys

Associations Forum undertakes comprehensive and practical surveys every year. The results are used by the associations and charities sector as standard reference points. Surveys include:

  • Board and Governance Survey
  • Membership Retention and Member Services Survey
  • Publications and Communication Survey
  • Associations Salary Survey (available free to participants).

Financial Benchmarking

Gold and Silver Members of Associations Forum may participate in our Financial Benchmarking project. The Financial Benchmarking project will seek and analyse data to calculate measures and ratios that can be used by associations to determine their respective performance and stability. Measures include equity, profitability, staff to membership size, solvency and profitability of components of the business.

For more information on Financial Benchmarking or to request a copy of the Survey results listed above, please email or call 02 9904 8200.

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