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Work health and safety harmonisation

OH & S/Work Health & Safety

  To prepare for new Work Health and Safety laws on 1 January 2012 Mark Werman Background On 1 January 2012 Australia will be adopting new work health and safety laws, including a Work Health and Safety Act, Regulations and Codes of Practice. The changes result from the national harmonisation of Australia’s work health and safety laws. All states, territories and the Commonwealth will be adopting the same laws. Therefore, if you are currently complying…

Performance appraisal - what’s in it for me?

Staff Performance Management & Assessment

  An appraisal, or performance review, is the process of identifying, evaluating and developing the work performance of employees of the business so that organisational goals and objectives are more effectively achieved, while at the same time benefiting employees in terms of recognition, receiving feedback, catering for work needs and offering career guidance. There are a number of potential benefits to the business which flow from effective assessment of performance. In addition…

Interviewing - What are Acceptable Questions?

Recruitment & Retention of Staff

  When advertising and interviewing for a position within your business, you should be aware of potential pitfalls when asking particular questions at interview or on application forms so as to avoid any later claims of discrimination or favourable treatment. Here a few common questions: How old are you? UNACCEPTABLE Age is a specific ground for discrimination, and is inappropriate to ask either in an application process or interview situation. Age discrimination…

Fair Work Act 2009 - Impact on Associations and Charities

Workplace Laws

The Federal Government’s Fair Work Act 2009 (the Act) has significantly changed the industrial relations landscape in Australia. These changes affect all associations, charities and other not-for-profit organisations which are deemed to be national system employers that include incorporated (generally Companies Limited by Guarantee and under the Associations Incorporation Acts), and unincorporated entities (except unincorporated entities in WA) (generally sole traders & partnerships). Fair…

Becoming a must join association

Definition of a Profession

There are many occupations that wish to be considered a ‘profession’. This article discusses the foundations for a profession, and concludes with how an association of professionals can increase the value of membership through an ‘aspirational branded designation’. Eight considerations for associations of professionals are presented. These points are called considerations as they are not prerequisites for a successful profession. Knowledge and the public good Clare Bellis,…

From struggle to success story, Beverley Main HRINZ

Associations Turnaround

Beverley Main, Chief Executive of Human Resources Institute of New Zealand (HRINZ), shares with Jennyfer Nguyen how the association was saved from insolvency and closure. In the not-for-profit sector, it is common to see failing associations just close up and restart a few years later. HRINZ is what can easily be called a turnaround success story. What state was the association in when you first came on board in 1998? In 1998, the Institute of Personnel Management…

Transforming ANZIIF, a professional membership association

Associations Turnaround

Transforming ANZIIF Joan Fitzpatrick – transforming ANZIIF, a professional membership association In 13 years as CEO of ANZIIF, Joan Fitzpatrick has taken the organisation from an annual loss of $500,000 to profits of more than $1 million p.a. Joan Fitzpatrick worked in heavy manufacturing and the insurance industry in Europe and Asia prior to her appointment as Chief Executive Officer of what is now the Australian and New Zealand Institute of…

Aid-Watch case addresses tax exempt status


Jonathan Casson, Partner, Holman Webb Lawyers, reports on Aid/Watch, the landmark decision concerning whether organisations engaging in political communication and lobbying could be considered ‘charitable institutions’ – qualifying for tax exemption. Aid/Watch Incorporated v Commissioner of Taxation [2010] HCA 42 is the latest in a line of cases between the Tax Commissioner and Not-For-Profit (NFP) organisations over the last decade regarding the tax authorities’ attitude…

Perspectives of the Associations Sector

NFP Sector Reform

Perspectives of the associations sector from the Australian Senate, Senator Nick Xenophon, Independent Senator for South Australia Presentation to Associations Forum National Conference, Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre, Wednesday 27 July, 2011 Thank you for inviting me to speak to you today. At the outset, I'd like to say how pleased I am to be invited to talk today at the Associations Forum National Conference. Being…

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